Key new features

  • Added new enemies
  • Added a new task and quests
  • Enabled new map area
  • Added regions along with the names and translations

Changes to existing features

  • The balancing operation has been carried out. Changes have been made to the statistics of the characters and enemies
  • Introduced a modification for merchants. Now skill books that have already been used and learned will be highlighted in the trade interface
  • Introduced modifications for ToolTips describing in merchants:
    • Tooltip also shows skills book additional tooltip showing skill, which Your Hero will learn by reading the skill book
    • Tooltip for recipe which shows an extra tooltip for an output result item for the recipe. In the case of an item as an output there is also information about parameters such as strength, damage, etc.)
  • Changes for targeting opponents
  • After getting the level Your Hero will fully regain life and mana
  • Introduces multithreaded application procedure update
  • Added backpack check system for resources and production of objects in the forge
  • Introduces a modification for the visualization of the cooldowns and added value of the time to the countdown time
  • In the quest log and in a conversation with NPC, completed tasks/quests will now be highlighted


  • Improved functioning of the trade window with the merchant. When you purchase an item from any page does not change the active tab
  • Improved functioning of buying multiple items from the merchant. Dialog box opens by pressing SHIFT + left mouse button
  • Fixed scrolling for large minimap
  • Fixed visibility of quantities of items in backpack, mail etc.
  • Fixed receive experience in the group. Currently, only members of the group which are located at close distance will receive experience for defeating an enemy
  • Fixed highlighting on the selected target, which in some cases was mistakenly shown also on the walls or on some elements above
  • Fixed mob’s following system, before when mobs changed direction stopped for a moment
  • Fixed scrolling messages in the chat window
  • Fixed a bug that enabled duplicate items and currency
  • Fixed Refresh information for a group (the names of the characters, levels, avatars)
  • Fixed many bugs in Launcher application
    • Fixed an error where patch with more 1GB segments was applied
    • Fixed a bug with “repair” functionality
  • Fixed an error for leaving the group instance. Sometimes when a group of two-persons was disbanded only one player was removed from the instance and the group wasn’t correctly resolved
  • Fixed a bug leaving a single instance. The player was removed from the instance, if he was in a group and the group has been terminated
  • A number of fixes related to translations


Implemented many other small fixes and changes

New Feature

Soon in World of Heroes will be implemented day/night cycle with dynamic weather conditions (snow, rain). It should make the world more interesting and the player will be able to immerse better experience in the game. Below you will find short animation which presents...

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Dear Players. We would like to apologize You for quite a long break in the provision to you of any new information on the progress of work on the game World Of Heroes. At the same time, we have for you a very good news, in November 2017r the project owner, Dragonsan...

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Sneak Peek on WoH

Because many of You sent us requests about footage from the game we want to fulfill this request, so we decided to start new cycle of movies directly from the game called Sneak Peek on WoH. Movies or movie links will be available on our forum, website, Facebooku and...

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