Key new features

  • Added achievements with titles, where you can complete some tasks to get bonuses using a specific title
  • Added specific bonuses for different equipment elements to alter enchanting, socketing, harvesting, loot chance, time, and cost.
  • Added loot distribution that the group leader can set.

Changes to existing features

  • Combat: Modified damage calculation. Added another parameter that will be rolled to handle the full range of damages.
  • Combat: Modified damage calculation and changed integer values to double to increase calculations precision.
  • UI: Added information message when AUCTION_OWN_LIMIT for Auction House was reached.


  • Auction House: Fixed issue with Auction House where AUCTION_OWN_LIMIT value allowed the player to list limit + 1 item.
  • Auction House: Fixed issue where the canceled auction wasn’t removed in the UI (refreshing issue).
  • Combat: Fixed issue with melee combat ability where hit roll was incorrectly sent to effects with value 0.
  • Coordinated Effects: Fixed issue with coordinated effect where if the sound had a delay setting > 0 it wasn’t properly destroyed.
  • Coordinated Effects: Fixed issue with coordinated effect where if particle had a delay setting > 0 it wasn’t properly destroyed.
  • Coordinated Effects: Fixed issue with CoordLockMove component where jump instead of sourceOID was checking casterOID.
  • Coordinated Effects: Fixed issue where in CoordParticleEffect component for Master Audio integration inspector was presented incorrectly.
  • Group: Fixed issue with group refreshing group panel.
  • Merchants: Handled exception where item price assigned to merchant table was set to 0.
  • Merchants: Fixed issue with selling price where on the server was round while on the client-side was cast to an integer.
  • Quests: Fixed issue with quest requirements.
  • Resource Nodes: Fixed exception where the server sent information about resource nodes status before the scene was loaded.
  • Resource Nodes: Fixed issue with resource node, when the gathering was canceled and reinvoked.
  • UI: Fixed issue related to combat floating texts, and combat chat.


Implemented many other small fixes and changes



Key new features Added option for abilities, to cast it on the group (available only for friendly effect ability). Added experience for combat skills, where experience can be defined per ability usage and per weapon swing. Added option for unique items, so only one...

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Key new features Added item sets functionality, so there will be sets that will give you additional stats when part of the sets will be equipped Added socketing, so you will be able to put gems and runes into specific equipment to increase its parameters Added...

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Update v0.7.4.0

Update v0.7.4.0

Dear Community, we are after the next Pre Alpha Tests.We added a very important feature responsible for mobs and NPCs pathfinding. They will be aware of the world structure now. Mobs will also aggro based on the line of sight before they will follow and attack...

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