Key new features

  • Added option for abilities, to cast it on the group (available only for friendly effect ability).
  • Added experience for combat skills, where experience can be defined per ability usage and per weapon swing.
  • Added option for unique items, so only one could be equipped.
  • Added experience per mob basis instead of per mob type/quality.
  • Resource Nodes: Added experience for gathering skills.

Changes to existing features

  • Bank: Removed currency view from the bank window.


  • Combat: Fixed issue where mob tagged by a player, gave experience and loot only for the player which tagged him, even the mob was reset to his spawn point.
  • Coordinated Effects: Fixed issue with coordinated effects weren’t played properly on interactive objects (mecanim).
  • Crafting: Fixed issue if the craft failed it wasn’t stopped but continued till it was succeeded.
  • Crafting: Fixed GRID_SIZE loading issue for crafting.
  • Crafting: Fixed issue with crafting when during craft player could send, sell, or trade materials required for crafting, and crafting process wasn’t aborted.
  • Effects: Fixed issue with sleep where after sleep on mob was over, the mob was teleported to the player if the distance was high.
  • Effects: Fixed issue with sleep where if the mob was traveling on the defined patrol path, and sleep effect was cast on him, the mob was still moving to the next patrol point.
  • Effects: Fixed transfer rate for damage effects.
  • Effects: Fixed pulse calculations for damage over time and heal over time (time interval between pulses was calculated incorrectly).
  • Effects: Fixed issue if sleep or stun was during players log out, then after login it will remain in the incapacitated state.
  • Effects: Fixed issue when stun and sleep were on the target and another effect like the damage was causing to not only woke up the target from sleep but also was removing stun effect.
  • Items: Fixed issue where ammunition wasn’t removed from the player character panel when it was used.
  • Items: Fixed server hang when last ammunition was used.
  • Items: Fixed tooltip issue for main and off-hand weapons equipped.
  • Items: Fixed durability which wasn’t saved in the database.
  • Items: Fixed issue, where if off-hand and main hand weapons were equipped, and at least one item with set definition was in the inventory or in the backpack, and the player tried to equipped two-handed weapon caused hangs.
  • Items: Fixed issue where it wasn’t possible to equip ammunition with an off-hand weapon.
  • Items: Fixed issue where enchanted items weren’t properly compared in the tooltip.
  • Merchants: Fixed issue where an item could be put into a mail, sold in merchant, and mailed successfully.
  • Merchants: Fixed issue where an item could be sold in merchant with a negative price.
  • Skills: Fixed automatically learn from skills.
  • Skills: Fixed skill learning from points per player level.
  • Skills: Fixed issue where learn skill effect wasn’t properly refreshed if it was used through an interactive object.
  • Skills: Fixed issue where skill cost wasn’t properly taken into account.
  • Skills: Fixed calculations for skill class and opposite class costs when the skill was learned by adding points.
  • Skills: Fixed option only this class which wasn’t taken into account when the skill was learned by adding points.
  • UI: Fixed issue where the effect on the target wasn’t removed in the UI if the effect didn’t have a timer.
  • UI: Fixed issue where the trade window was empty when the player was disconnected from the server and reconnected again within the same game start.
  • UI: In the skill window where the point can be assigned skill level in the tooltip wasn’t properly presented.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Bank slots were behaving incorrectly if the number of the slot in the UI was the same as the number of slots sent by the server. Slots were not refreshed.
  • UI: Fixed issue where icons overlapped each other if the items were dropped one on another.
  • UI: Fixed issue where the required level in the tooltip for an item was colored as red until the player reached one level higher than the required one.


Implemented many other small fixes and changes



Key new features Added achievements with titles, where you can complete some tasks to get bonuses using a specific title Added specific bonuses for different equipment elements to alter enchanting, socketing, harvesting, loot chance, time, and cost. Added loot...

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Key new features Added item sets functionality, so there will be sets that will give you additional stats when part of the sets will be equipped Added socketing, so you will be able to put gems and runes into specific equipment to increase its parameters Added...

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Update v0.7.4.0

Update v0.7.4.0

Dear Community, we are after the next Pre Alpha Tests.We added a very important feature responsible for mobs and NPCs pathfinding. They will be aware of the world structure now. Mobs will also aggro based on the line of sight before they will follow and attack...

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