Tasks in the World of Heroes have different levels of difficulty. For the execution of these simple, our hero receives a less reward than for the execution of those with a medium level of difficulty, and the most difficult, the performance of which alone will be extremely difficult. For the most difficult players will be rewarded with the one of the best items, a considerable amount of experience or currency.


Tasks are divided also into several categories, eg. Single and repetitive tasks, but also a one-step or multi-step tasks. The most extensive multi-stage, will be encouraged to explore new and unique sites, at the same time exposing the hero on the various trials and putting newer and more difficult challenges. These tasks often will be parts of larger campaign.


New Feature

Soon in World of Heroes will be implemented day/night cycle with dynamic weather conditions (snow, rain). It should make the world more interesting and the player will be able to immerse better experience in the game. Below you will find short animation which presents...

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Dear Players. We would like to apologize You for quite a long break in the provision to you of any new information on the progress of work on the game World Of Heroes. At the same time, we have for you a very good news, in November 2017r the project owner, Dragonsan...

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Sneak Peek on WoH

Because many of You sent us requests about footage from the game we want to fulfill this request, so we decided to start new cycle of movies directly from the game called Sneak Peek on WoH. Movies or movie links will be available on our forum, website, Facebooku and...

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