The hero will have many attributes, among which can be distinguished:

– Strength
– Intelligence
– Accuracy
– Vitality
– Mana
– Willpower
– Potential
– Speed of movement
– Attack speed
– Resistance to stabbing damage
– Resistance to cut damage
– Resistance to magic damage
– Physi
cal defense
– Critical attack
– Evasion– Parry

Attributes can be lifted up by increasing level of character, learning of new passive skills or use of the active skills (buffing), but also the use of objects such as parchments or magical potions, which in addition to the effects of healing or regeneration, will have other magical properties to increase such: increasing damage, raising the strength or movement speed of the hero.

Also very important element to increase our Hero attributes is experience in using particular type of weapon. For example if Hero is fighting using bow as a weapon then Archery skill will increase making attacks more accurate, more powerful and with higher chance for critical hit. Different kind of weapons will increase different kind of skills respectively.



Forge, or manufacture items in World of Heroes.   We have several crafts available, including: Metal Smithing - gives you the opportunity to melt various types of ores, metals, used to make heavy plate armor and swords, Wood Working - is mainly used for making...

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Classes & Professions

  In World of Heroes we have such professions as a cleric, warrior, archer .... etc. so usually they start descriptions of similar games. Already at the stage of planning and designing the game we wanted to break with the convention and give you maximum freedom...

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  World of Heroes is an MMORPG that brings together players hungry for adventure with other players, interconnected common thread heroic rescue of the world, threatened by a terrible cataclysm. The most distant abyss come to life terrifying creatures willing to...

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