In World Of Heroes we have two types of abilities, battle and general ones. First type is divided into 2 main categories:


1. Active – they will require players action to trigger

  • Attack abilities – they will hit enemy with all of power including some special effects like stun, immobilize or sleep
  • Buffs – skills which will improve our Hero senses and attributes to be faster, hit harder and be more resistant to enemy attacks. There are also buffs which You can cast on Your friend or ally to improve him even more


2. Passive – after Your Hero will learn it, they will instantly improve his attributes without any need of action

All skills have cool-downs and not only separate for each skill but there is global cool-down too, what does it mean ? Well, after You will use any kind of active skill global cool-down will be activated and lets say local cool-down for used skill will be activated too. This way we wanted to prevent players from spamming most powerful skills.


Skills will also have their own levels. You will be able to learn them through putting skill points into specific skill, of course with skill level cap.


It will be also common thing that each skill will have also requirement of other skill, so for example to learn Meteor Shower Your Hero will have to know how to use Fireball.

Except requirements of other skills Your Hero will have to have met the requirements of his level to learn specific skill.

General skills are for gathering resources:

  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Herbaling

When Your Hero will become an expert in any of them, then it will will allow gathering higher level and rare resources.

New Feature

Soon in World of Heroes will be implemented day/night cycle with dynamic weather conditions (snow, rain). It should make the world more interesting and the player will be able to immerse better experience in the game. Below you will find short animation which presents...

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Dear Players. We would like to apologize You for quite a long break in the provision to you of any new information on the progress of work on the game World Of Heroes. At the same time, we have for you a very good news, in November 2017r the project owner, Dragonsan...

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Sneak Peek on WoH

Because many of You sent us requests about footage from the game we want to fulfill this request, so we decided to start new cycle of movies directly from the game called Sneak Peek on WoH. Movies or movie links will be available on our forum, website, Facebooku and...

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