In the arsenal of World of Heroes, we can distinguish three categories:


1. Weapons

  • Sword – two-handed weapons forged from solid steel, which can withstand even the heaviest armour. Based on cut damage
  • Arc – lethal weapon that allows fighting in the distance. Deals mainly stab injuries, but also has the ability to output a few magic attacks
  • Magic stick – ambidextrous stick with runic characters, allowing casting spells, which in addition to damage inflicted magic, they can also significantly raise some statistics of the hero.


2. Armour

  • Plate – Armour with the highest resistance to physical damage, but due to its weight firmly limiting the speed of the attacks and the movement of our hero.
  • Leather – Armour having moderate immune parameters of both physical damage and, thanks to its lightness enables fast attacks by our hero.
  • Cloth – low immune armour to physical damage, but has a strong magical aura, allowing for a significant reduction of received magic damage. Thanks to the enchanted magical runes can increase the power of spells cast by the hero.


3. Jewellery

  • Necklace
  • Earring
  • Ring


In addition to the items listed above, a typical armoury in World of Heroes are also various types of scrolls, potions, and other, affecting the fight and character attributes, items.

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